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Am back with another film review, and ill be doing this one on Need For Speed (2014), directed by Scott Waugh. Need for Speed is pretty self explanatory, its full of action, crime, drama, with a hint of romance. This film contains some fairly new faces, for example the leads are Aaron Paul (27th august 1979, 34) playing Tobey and Imogen Poots (3rd June 1989, 24) playing Julia. For those of you who watch the TV series breaking bad (2008-2013) will recognise Aaron Paul as ‘Jesse’. Imogen Poots have also appeared in some recent films such as Fright Night (2011).


Right so some basic facts about the film itself. Need for Speed is Based on the most successful racing video game franchise, sold over 140 million copies. DreamWorks Pictures brings the thrill of the game into the real life. The film itself had a budget of 66 million dollars. Which is alright I suppose considering the film contains absolutely no CGI whatsoever. Which is pretty impressive because all the races and stunts are indeed real and live. For those who have watched the film, these will stun you, as there are many stunts and crashes that take place, that are tragic and brilliant.


As far as my opinion goes, for me the best scene/stunt is ‘the Grasshopper’.



The way Tobey and Julia fly across from one road to another is absolutely impeccable. I watched the movie in 3D, which made the entire stunt more insane and exhilarating than it would have in 2D. They only had one chance to do the shot using 28 cameras from every single angle imaginable in order to capture every second of the stunt and evidently they pulled off an amazing and extraordinary shot of the most thrilling and jaw-dropping stunt in car action history.

What makes this stunt even more awesome is the fact that they use the rare Carroll Shelby designed Ford Mustang (which Toby and his crew fix up). The cars them selves play a big part in the film, although I don’t have a single grain of knowledge in cars and racing, for those who are into cars an racing it is an very extraordinary experience, as they are able to feel the thrill, the rush of those rare cars. Even for me to see these rare beauties, such as the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento in action put me at the edge of my seat (which is a good thing)



It’s a fact that when producers design to turn a game into a film, there is always a risk of ruining the game for the fans; a good example of a game turned to film perfectly is Tomb Raider. So the decision to make Need for Speed into a movie must have been a very risky decision, however with Scotts background in stunts in movies such as Spider man, Act of Valor, and Step into Liquid I would imagine anyone else to take up the job, he is the best at him job.

As far as the story line goes, I wont reveal too much BUT, and this a very big but, I couldn’t help but compare it to fast and furious where ‘Jesse’ (Chad Lindberg) dies leading Dominic (Vin Diesel) on the path of revenge. Similarly, here Little Pete (Harrison Gilbertson) is killed during a race by Dino (Dominic Cooper) leading Tobey to the road of revenge and justice.

To conclude, I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone, its well worth the watch, but in 3D for a better experience. The film is very fast paced and there’s action at every corner so there isn’t a single dull moment.  It contains a lot of emotions as the whole race is based on justice and vengeance, however it is nice to see Tobey managing through all the struggle of his fathers death and heartbreak. I also love how the chemistry between Tobey and Julia, and how their love develops over their road trip.  Overall, I give Need for Speed four and half stars.

images-3Hasta La Vista!



12 Years a Slave


Right so for my first proper review I have decided to discuss the Oscar winner for best film: 12 Years a Slave (2013). I know that many of you don’t like to be told what to watch and what not to, however it is a fact that most of us research on a film before we actually go and watch it, for example watch trailers, read reviews, ask others that may have watched it. I for one don’t do any of that, not purposely anyways. Having watched 12 Years a Slave I have to say it left me over-whelmed and completely speechless.

Director Steve McQueen did a marvellous job on portraying this story based on the 19th century memoir of Solomon Northup (adapted by screenwriter John Ridley). I have watched many films related o slavery in the past; such as Django Unchained (2012) and Abraham Lincoln vampire hunter (2012) however none of them match up to the strength of 12 Years a Slave. This film contains economics, drama, politics, literature and most importantly a strong and powerful illustration of American history.  12 Years a Slave is not just a story, but also the story of many innocent peoples in the 19th century. It illustrates to us the importance of identity. When Solomon (Chiwetel Ejiofor), a free black citizen of New York, is ruthlessly napped from the comfort of his home and sold to some slave dealers. This is when he is forced to put his real identity aside and take the identity of ‘Platt’, names given to him by the slave trader.


12 Years a Slave consists of many long shots and short shots, which work very nicely with the situation, for example there is a scene where the camera is focused on Solomon’s face for over 5 mins. Its starts with him looking away from the camera however he then slowly changes his focus o the camera, and during those 5 mins or so the audience is shown pure emotion of sadness and desperation; his long shot forces the audience to feel his pain and frustration. From experience I can honestly say that it really does stick to a person’s head, it strikes their heart.

From personal experience I have found that the film encloses many facts from history for example the fact that many people where kidnapped and sold in slave markets and how slaves where not allowed to learn how to read or write English. I have come to realise that the fact this story is based on a real story, it makes me feel more sympathy than I might have felt if the story was non-fiction; just that one fact makes the film so much more emotive and powerful.

On the subject of emotion and sympathy, I have noticed that there are many scenes illustrating slavery punishment, for example when one slave picks less that 100 lb of cotton they would be roped to a tree bark and whipped mercilessly. In all these scenes they the camera is always focusing on something else while the punishment is happening in the background, so we do not see the horror of the whip however there comes a part in the story when Patsey (Lupita Nyong’o) stands up to her master, Edwin Epps (Michael Fassbender), about using soap to clean, during which Epps loses his temper (aggravated by his wife Mistress Epps) and whips the Patsey in a very horrific and inhuman way. Unlike the other torture scenes, here the camera shows the graphic and brutal actions of Master Epps. As the camera moves towards Patseys back, we can see steams of blob flowing out of her body, splashed across her back and the whip as it leaves strips of scrapped flesh like a over excited viper snake.  This illustrates how realistic and dramatic the writer wanted to make it. I must give the make-up artists some credit because they pulled It off very beautifully, its was horrific and graphic as the writer would have imagined it.


So to conclude, I found 12 Years a Slave extremely over-whelming and honestly speaking completely deserves the Oscar for Best Film.  Judging by other reviews, other writers also agree with me and have similar thoughts. On IMDb it is rated 8.3/10, some reviews also state the film ‘left me cold’.  However, after watching the film I would say it deserves 10/10.  I would recommend everyone to watch it, in fact I have.

So there you have It folks my first film review, hope this helps you guess decide if you wanted to watch the film or not. If you agree with everything I had to say let me know, if not then TELL ME WHY! 🙂

Till next week. Au revoir!

Media Diary


Media Diary

Hey All!!

So for my first post I will discuss my Media Diary.

What’s a media diary you ask? And why on Earth do I have one?

Well, it all started a long long time ago in a faraway land.

Just kidding! As I’ve mentioned in my ‘about’ this blog is for ‘UNIT X’, everything media related. So it’s pretty self-explanatory that a Media Diary is a diary with media stuff DUH! It contains my daily media activities. So if I text, I write it down, I check email, I write it down, I watch a film I write it down … Blah Blah Blah ! You get what where am going with this. And as for why I have one? Well that’s pretty simple. Our teachers making us do one! :p

For those of you who have checked my Media Diary you’ll have noticed that there isn’t much on it and to be frank am not a very media surrounded person. Which is silly considering I study Film and Media. Although there was a time when I would watch loads of movies, drama series, Korean dramas…




read series of books, Mangas’…


And listen to a lot of music etc. but time just seems to fly!

Many of you will have seen that I spend a lot of time watching Hindi Dramas, but in reality I just stare at the TV while my mum dramatically reacts to the typical Hindi family drama. Although it is very interesting to see the power of Hindi dramas and how they seem to draw the audience instantly. It covers daily household problems and makes the audience feel they can relate, however I just find their over dramatic acting and reactions just too much! I mean whenever a shocking truth comes out, the camera must pan to each and every characters face and show their ‘shocked’ reactions and to top it off they are accompanied by dramatic drumming music. And their effort to show more than one characters reaction by squashing two scenes into one screen is just ridiculous, THE SCREEN ISN’T BIG ENOUGHT FOR HEAVEN SAKE!


Another basic pattern in my Media Diary is that I check my phone every morning to wake up to a cute Good Morning text from my sweet boyfriend, and that’s been the pattern for everyday for a year, which is AWESOME!!! 😀 although I would rather prefer to wake up to him telling me good morning himself along with a peck on the cheek, but hey we can’t get everything we want 😛 someday Inshallah! 🙂


Finally, another pattern is the fact that I check my emails and text on the bus. The sole reason behind why I check my emails every day is because I absolutely hate logging on to find my inbox jammed with pages of crap! It may seem like a trivial matter but it can be very frustrating when you’re trying to find an email about that certain job application or those coupons for cheap cinema tickets. Being a much organised person, I also have a very short temper when it comes to mess, I know for a fact we have all been through this so I would strongly advise KEEP YOU INBOX CLEAN! (y)

You now have an insight into my media life! It may seem boring however consider what I do to fill my time when I am not texting or facebooking, I go out with friends, family and my boyfriend. I have fun. I think this diary shows you all exactly who I am, I feel I can live without media, although there are certain necessities, my life is not drowned in media.

So that’s a wrap up guys! Some are thinking why I haven’t mentioned anything about the films I watched that week and that is because I shall be doing different posts reviewing my experience of the films. Some were excellent and some not so good, guess you’ll have to wait and see! :p

So till my next post, Adios Amigos! 😀

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