Unit X !


Hello World!

I have some bad news and some good news!!!

Bad news is this is officially my last blog for Unit X in which I will discuss things about Unit X, Why I liked it? Why I hated it? Expectations? Improvements? etc. And Good news is I may continue to blog about media even after my blogs has been marked!

Let me firstly start with the fact that before this unit I had never blogged before. A friends of mine has her own blog and encouraged me to make one but I guess I never got round to it. So as you can imaging I was a little nervous about writing a blog, and on top of that t was getting marked! So I did a lot of research but not all were quite getting through to me. As support out teachers had arrange a guest speaker, Noel, to come in and give us some advise on blogging and how much fun it can be. He made me realize that blogging was literally just giving your opinion with a bit of facts, and I have a lot of opinions trust me.

As I was at a stage in life were I wasn’t getting much media influence; I didn’t watch TV, hardly used social media sites, hardly listened to music, the Unit X leaders decided to organize weekly trips to the AMC cinema for everyone in the course, screening the latest films, which e can then review I out blogs, hence the reason why most of my blog is film review. Which is fine by me because I absolutely love films. I was very grateful for tis chance, though it came by surprise; I mean we got to watch new films for free!! Cool or what?

We had weekly seminars in which our teacher gave us feed back on our blogs and gave us any advise if need. However what I loved about this course what how hassle free and stress free it was; we had all the information we need and all the help. For example Stella Gaynor, one of our lecturers, would wait in a particular are of our building called the ‘Village Green’ for anyone who was struggling to blog or think of ideas etc. iv never visited her personally but I loved how dedicated she was to make sure we had everything we needed.

One thing that helped me to blog was out ‘fms UNIT X’ Facebook page in which after every film we would discuss what everyone thought about the film. This gave me a real insight on other peoples thoughts without me asking them.

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 13.56.58

Overall, I loved writing this blog as it made me go out of my comfort zone of writing online, I love writing anyways however there is a massive difference between essay writing and blogging. I like to assume I was committed to the blogging as I commuted to manchester to go work in the groups, as well as do research in order to collects facts for my blog.  I learned a lot from blogging and definitely consider it as a future career as I want to go into journalism anyways so blogging isn’t far off.

So guys bye for now, inshallah see you all soon 🙂

stay well and just have fun 🙂

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