Group Work Reflective!


Hi everyone

So I will be doing a reflective on my group and how we worked together to created the infographs on my blog. So firstly, our teacher didn’t assign us particular groups as he though it would be good for us to work with people we were comfortable with, so I grouped up with Ameerah, Bethany and Elle who I associated with and was pretty comfortable working with.

It was very practical to work with them as we already had great communication; also we all had different skills that we put together. We decided we would create an infograph every week, on a Thursday, as we had a seminar that day, so it was practical for Ameerah and me as we commute to Uni.

To be honest we didn’t really assign any roles or responsibilities however after the first infograph we started forming a pattern where we were doing a particular thing just because that’s what we where good at.  For example, we found Bethany and Ella had great Photoshop skills so they worked on editing, Ameerah has a wonderfully creative mind, so she worked on ideas, from which we selected some, and I contributed with the writing and research as that’s what I like to do.  But as I mentioned, nothing was fixed so we did switch it round, which have us a chance to challenge ourselves in another skill.

As far as the infograph design is concerned, we didn’t want to keep it the same. We wanted to explore other ways and other techniques of creating a infograph. So as you can see on my blog we have one where we put the thoughts of spider man in speech bubbles in him head (which was actually an idea from an infograph about Kanye West), ‘Breaking Bad’ we did as a time line and others just as a random flow. So we tried to vary our ideas/designs just because we thought it would be boring to do the same thing over and over again.


Our first topic was actually a random one in my opinion, we just wanted to have a go at simplifying a complicated film, and tell me tell you Breaking Bad is very complicated, we had to look at a timeline and figure out where we were in the infograph.

The other three where influenced by the films we watched and places we went. For example, the saving money in cinema one came to us when we saw that at the AMC you can refill your large popcorn for free! The chick flick one was influences by The Other Women and the Spider-Man one was influenced by The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Spider-man_vs_electrodownload TheOtherWoman-poster

Working in a group certainly is different to individual work for many reasons such as in group work you help each other out, if you cant do something most likely someone else can and everyone learns something new while working with others.  For example, I picked up a lot Photoshop skills from Bethany and Elle and some research tips from Ameerah. Its also nice to work in a group because we can encourage each other as well as the fact that its nice when someone appreciates your work or ideas.

I really enjoyed working in a group and honestly thing we achieved a lot. I wouldn’t change anything, as far as improvements go, I don’t see any apart from trying more styles of infographs on new and more complicated topics.




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