Attack on Titan!


Hey everyone!

Well this will be my last media review for a while and I shall leave you with another one of my favourite animes, Attack On Titan (2013-current) known in Japan as Shingeki no Kyojin. Created by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan is set at a time where humanity is at its end and one by one being exterminated by creatures called ‘Titans’ and humans are forced to live within walls built higher than the tallest titan.


The story begins with the present where humanity hasn’t see a Titan for 100 years now and suddenly a ‘Colossal Titan’ appears out of nowhere; taller than the wall and with strength far greater than anyone’s ever see before.


The anime follows a little boy called Eren Jaegar, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackermann and friend Armin Arlert. At point in the story Eren is trying to persuade his family Shingeki_no_Kyojin_full_1495598to let him join the ‘Survey Corps’ an elite team of extraordinary humans trained to eliminate Titans and save humanity. When the attack takes place, and Titans once again begin to devour humans, Eren and Mikasa witness something horrifying and heart breaking which would lead them to an extraordinary amount of pain, anger and hatred for the Titans. They witness their mother being eaten alive by a Titan.

This anime contains many heart breaking and heart-warming scenes as the kids struggle to control their rage, as they help each other and become a family who is always Crying_Mikasa_and_Erenthere for one another. Armin, specially, is a character who is very weak and defenceless hence Mikasa and Eren become his shield, protect him from danger, at one point Eren saves Armin from a Titan, and end up in the stomach of that Titan, which leads Armin to determination of becoming stronger.



As the story continues, we get a slight hint of love from Mikasa towards Eren, not brotherly. This at first seems a little odd as we think of them as brothers and sisters; however, we forget that she is not Erens’ real sister, but adopted sister, who he saved as a kid from kidnappers. Although, Mikasa never really admits to her love her Eren she always regards him as her only family. This is so heart-warming for me as an audience, because these kids have nothing in the world to live for. Except each other.

84f167cb5e9bc56a2aa5bc5ac9377ddb_480Just when it seems all hope is lost, Eren is swimming in the stomach of a Titan, Armin is in a puddle of tears and Mikasa is fighting for her life, s surprise springs up which no one could have imagined. I won’t reveal what is but it could be what humanity has been waiting for all these years. Nevertheless, will they be able to accept it as a gift or will they rebel against it as a threat. And what has Erens Dad have to do in all of this? Who exactly is he?

I could totally recommend watching Attack on Titans to everyone. I fact I have! Just like HxH, AOT is action packed; it contains romance, hero’s, sacrifice, creatures (who are mindless), twists and turns. I give AOT 5/5 for its AWESOMENESS!!!!



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