Hunter x Hunter (2011)



What’s up everyone? As you may have noticed, most of my reviews are based on films, and if you remember correctly, I did mention in my ‘Media diary’ that I love to watch anime. So, I figured that this week I shall be writing a review on an anime, and which better to start with than one of my all-time favourites Hunter x Hunter (2011-current). HxH is the work of Yoshihiro Togashi, who also created Yu Yu Hakusho, which in my opinion is somewhat similar to HxH.

HxH is a story based around the character Gon Freecss, a young boy who lives on Whale Island, with his father’s childhood friend, Mito-san (who raised him after being abandoned by his dad) and his grandma. The story started with Gon wanting to participate in the Hunter Examination in order to become a legendary hunter like his dad, Ging, a renowned double star hunter. There is a scene In the first episode that really touched me and encouraged me to watch further, where Mito-san is explaining to Gon that being a hunter can put his life at risk, and Gon replies ‘I want to become a hunter and discover why it was so important to my dad’.


The story follows by Gons’ journey to the Hunter Examination where he befriends Kurapika, a sole survivor of the Kurta clan, Leorio, aiming to become a hunter doctor and Killua, the youngest son of the elite Zoldyck family of assassins. Although a very odd match, they all understand and help each other in their struggles and fears.


Once the Hunter Examination is over, Killua and Gon become very close friends, and Killua decides to go back to Whale Island with Gon as he is avoiding his Assassin family, specially his insane mother. Whereas, Kurapika goes to find the band of criminals known as the Phantom Troupes, who annihilated his clan, and Leorio goes home to become a doctor.

During their time apart, they are found by other powerful hunters, by the hunter association to teach these new hunters the extraordinary powers of Nen; using your aura to defend yourself from harm as well as attack with brutal force. I enjoyed this part of HxH a lot as I loved watching how their character developed with power mentally and physically.2I also loved how imaginative the editor was with the powers, for example, he gave Gons powers where he using his aura in the form of Rock, Paper and Scissors and Killua is able to generate electricity. Kurapika, however, gains a special power called the ‘Conjuring Chain’, which are five chains that extend from each finger on his right hand, all the chains with certain different abilities such as the ‘Holy Chain’ is able to heal injuries.

EmperorTime 132308-hunter-x-hunter-killua-zoldyck-lightning






Over all, I completely and utterly love Hunter x hunter, in my opinion it is one of the most brilliant animes made, it does’t make the villains mindless idiots, the character development is awesome and the relationships/bonds are so strong and heart-warming. I am yet to find out if Gon finds his father and where is the perky Leorio? So I rate Hunter x Hunter 5/5. Watch it and let me know what you think 🙂



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